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Cuyahoga Performance

Together We Achieve Results

 Regional Growth
 Economic Opportunity
 Individual Well-Being
 Mobilize Cross-Sector Resources
 Provide Superior Services

A tool to enable data-driven decision-making, Cuyahoga Performance uses data to identify where the County is making progress toward goal achievement and where opportunities for improvement exist. Cuyahoga Performance is also a platform for telling the story behind County programs. Through these quarterly reports we hope to increase transparency, show the impact of county programs, and engage the community in conversations about how we can come together to achieve positive results for our community. Past quarterly reports are available upon request made to the Office of Innovation and Performance.
2020 Certificate of Achievement seal
Mission, vision, values, and priorities 

Office of Innovation and Performance

The Office of Innovation and Performance leads the way in developing a culture of innovation and operational excellence at Cuyahoga County.  Through the implementation of Cuyahoga Performance, Cuyahoga County commits to becoming a national leader in data-driven, innovative governance.



Catherine Tkachyk, Chief Innovation and Performance Officer 
Karil Sampson, Director of Process Improvement 
Becky Eby, Innovation Manager
Matt Hrubey, Performance Consultant 

Measures included on the Cuyahoga Performance Strategic Plan Dashboard may evolve over time as we identify additional opportunities to report on results and priorities.