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Staff Directory

Ed FitzGerald, County Executive
Courthouse Square
310 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 700
Cleveland OH, 44113


Name/Title Phone Number E-mail address
Benders, Larry, Director of Development
Bova, Frank, Sheriff
Boyle, James, Special Assistant
Burt, Lindy, Special Assistant  216.698.2064
Byrd, Nailah, Inspector General
Carroll, Matt, Chief of Staff
Cole, Sharon, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations
Colon, Norberto, Deputy Chief of Staff Justice
Davis, Melvin, Special Assistant 
Geter, Juanita, Administrative Officer to
Matt Carroll & David Merriman
Hairston, Tanya, Administrative Assistant to
Edward FitzGerald
Hara, Elise, Director of Human Resources
Hurley, Nora, Deputy Chief Director of Law
Kelly, Nathan, Deputy Chief of Staff Economic Development  216.263.4605
Lundgard, Emily, Director of Communications
Makhlouf, Majeed, Director of Law
Merriman, David, Deputy Chief of Staff Health and Human Services   216.263.4606
Mowry, Jeff, Chief Information Officer  216.443.8011
Parks, Mark, Fiscal Officer
Rocco, Andrea, Clerk of Courts   216. 443.7952
Scofield, Jennifer, CountyStat Coordinator    216.698.3022
Surratt, Ken, Special Assistant
Teeuwen, Bonnie, Director of Public Works  216.698.2058
Werner, Rick, Director of Health and Human Services  216.443.7032
Wright, Jeannet, Treasurer  216.443.3784