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Armond Budish
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Together We Thrive

The 2016 Overview covers stories of the impact the county’s work has had on residents, businesses and partners. It describes the county’s support with an emphasis on the Executive’s three priorities: Job Growth & Opportunity, Fairness & Equity and Government that Gets Results.

Together We Thrive

“I believe that the very foundation of our charter is the aspiration that our prosperity will be shared.


Our charter makes it clear that our County government must promote ‘the economic well-being and prosperity of the county and all of its residents.’ All residents, not just some, all must prosper on a fair and equitable basis.

The only way we deliver on our fundamental government purpose, to promote the economic well-being and prosperity of the county and ALL our residents is together.

When we stand together, we don’t let anyone fall by the wayside, especially those in need. When we see that we are one community there is nothing we cannot achieve. Every single person, business, organization and young mind represents an opportunity to add to our strength.

The success of Cuyahoga County delivering on the responsibilities depends on ALL of us. And when we succeed, we all thrive.”

Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish