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About the Executive

Armond Budish, Cuyahoga County Executive

Armond Budish took office as the County Executive in January of 2015. He is the second Executive to serve in the County’s history. As County Executive, Mr. Budish has outlined a forward looking and innovative agenda to improve the lives of County residents. “Jobs, jobs, and jobs” are the top priorities of his administration. 

As the Executive, Mr. Budish is committed to creating economic growth and opportunity, by taking a “head and heart” approach to problem solving. His plan to integrate County services across all silos will result in a “no wrong door” for County residents and businesses to improve service delivery. As a large provider of both job training and human services, Cuyahoga County will have a specific emphasis on stabilizing and training individuals so that they are prepared for successful employment. The Budish Administration’s multi-faceted approach will take advantage of all resources- from apprenticeships to scholarships- to align the job skills of County residents to the job opportunities available today. To help people become self-sustaining, the County must become a major jobs generator. Expanding current businesses, growing start-ups, and attracting new businesses aligned with our key assets, such as Lake Erie, manufacturing, and health care, is a key focus of the administration. In short, “We must think big, use technology, be bold, and take some responsible risks.”

Effective & efficient government is a priority of the Budish administration. Valuing and investing in County employees will enable better service for County residents. Cuyahoga County will be governed using a metrics-oriented philosophy to determine targets, and shape future goals. The County will be an active partner with outside groups and other governments to ensure quality service delivery. 

Lastly, improving the everyday quality of life for County residents is a fundamental mission. Cuyahoga County will be committed to supporting and building upon Greater Cleveland’s momentum, ensuring that all County residents have opportunities to succeed. The County is diverse and its 59 communities have unique needs. Consequently, the Budish administration is developing strategic partnerships that can be responsive to both shared and community specific needs while anticipating future growth targets. 

Prior to arriving in his current post, Budish served four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives, including a term as the Speaker of the House and two terms as the Minority Leader. 

Mr. Budish is also known by many County residents for his private sector career as a consumer and elder law attorney. Founder of the law firm Budish, Solomon, Steiner, & Peck, Mr. Budish became a nationally known expert as an elder law attorney through his best-selling books, consumer advice column, “You and the Law” published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for 24 years, and his 16 year career as the host of the television show, “Golden Opportunities”, an informational show for seniors and their families. He ran for elective office for the first time in 2006, once his two sons, Ryan and Daniel, had been successfully launched into college. He currently resides happily in Beachwood, Ohio with his wife of over three decades Amy.