Voter Rights

Voter Rights - Your Vote Matters

Cuyahoga County is leading efforts in voter engagement, dedicating resources and partnering with other entities to guarantee voter access and expand voter education.

The County is working to help make sure that every eligible person has an opportunity to vote. Your vote is one of the most essential ways to affect change in your country and your community. Voting is the freedom to create the government that will benefit you the most.

It is encouraged that residents check their voter registration status in preparation for upcoming elections. You can check your registration status or change your address on the Board of Elections website. If you are not registered to vote or had a change in your address or place of residence, the map below highlights voter registration locations across Cuyahoga County.

Voter engagement, access and education efforts include:

Voting Rights Coordinator
The county hired a Voting Rights Coordinator (VRC) to work with other agencies including the seven divisions under the County Department of Health and Human Services to improve civic engagement opportunities at the County. The VRC also works to enhance the county’s voter registration efforts as required by Section VII of the National Voter Rights Act.

The VRC increases voting awareness and education throughout the county by collaborating with various government and non-profit agencies. Currently, the county’s VRC has continued establishing strong working relationships with the Cuyahoga Board of Elections, the County Libraries, North-East Ohio Voters Advocates (NOVA), Ohio GuideStone and other local entities to ensure that residents are being informed about their voting rights and have easy access to registration opportunities.

Online Voter Registration at County Libraries
County Libraries are encouraging residents to register to vote—and making it easier—by promoting voter registration in their printed program guides and online. Online voter registration was enabled in 2017 in Ohio.

Third Annual Your Voice Matters Youth Summit
The third annual Your Voice Matters Youth Summit took place on September 13, 2019 at the Cuyahoga Community College Jerry Sue Thornton Center. This Youth Summit is dedicated to High school students from around the county so they can be informed and empowered by community leaders about the importance of voting and civic engagement. The summit also gives students the tools they need to create action plans to implement in their schools and communities about the importance of voting.