Voter Rights

Voter Rights

In 2014, Cuyahoga County voters approved an amendment to the county charter that gives county government the charge to protect the right to vote and to undertake measures to promote voter registration. Specifically, Article XIV states that “The right to vote shall be a fundamental right in Cuyahoga County, and elections in the County shall be free and open.”

Cuyahoga County is leading efforts in voter engagement, dedicating resources and partnering with other entities to guaranty voter access and expand voter education. An early example was the county’s effort to reverse the disenfranchisement of seventeen-year-old residents eligible to vote but prevented by the Secretary of State in 2016. These efforts include:

Voting Rights Coordinator
The county will hire a Voting Rights Coordinator who will work with other agencies including the County Department of Health and Human Services, Cuyahoga Job and Family Services to improve civic engagement opportunities at the county. The individual will also work to enhance the county’s voter registration efforts as required by Section VII of the National Voter Rights Act.

Online Voter Registration at County Libraries
County Libraries are encouraging residents to register to vote—and making it easier—by promoting voter registration in their printed program guides and online. Online voter registration was enabled in 2017 in Ohio. “Cuyahoga County Public Library is excited to support online voter registration as a way to increase civic engagement and community involvement among our county residents” said Sari Feldman, Executive Director, Cuyahoga County Public Library.

1st Annual Your Voice Matters Youth Summit
Executive Budish is leading the county’s First Annual Your Voice Matters Youth Summit on September 29th at Tri-C’s Jerry Sue Thornton Center.

The summit is sponsored by the Board of Elections, City of Cleveland, Cleveland Foundation, Cleveland Leadership Center, Cleveland Municipal School District, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

graphic of flyer that has young people jumping in the background and in the foreground it has 1st Annual Your Voice Matters Youth Summit