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Up To $4.8 Million for Roadway Programs


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County Awards Up To $4.8 Million for Local Resurfacing and Preventative Maintenance Programs 

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH — Cuyahoga County Council will consider the approval of $2 million in funding for various projects under the 2019 and 2020 Local Resurfacing Program, part of the Department of Public Works’ Roadway Capital Program. In addition, the County is granting $2.8 million for its annual Preventative Maintenance Program.  

The Roadway Capital Program was developed to assist municipalities in the completion of projects on local county roads. The $2 million for local resurfacing and $2.8 million for preventative maintenance will match funds secured by the municipalities for a total estimated program of $10.7 and $7 million respectively.  

For the Local Resurfacing Program, municipalities are eligible for 50 percent funding of their projects, up to $250,000 per project. These projects are designed and constructed by the municipality with County review. The County reimburses eligible costs at the conclusion of the project. This award is in addition to the previously programmed 2019 Local Resurfacing Program, made possible by license fees, bringing the total awarded by the County for this program to $5 million.  

The Preventative Maintenance Program entails the County covering material costs and municipalities covering the cost of labor, with a cap of $200,000 per municipality per year for roadway maintenance items such as crack sealing, patching and catch basin repair. Projects are selected based on traffic volume, road condition and the project’s cost. All municipalities that applied for the Preventative Maintenance Program were awarded at least a portion of their requested funds.  

“Strong infrastructure is a critical need in our county,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “The County continues to find innovative ways to assist our municipalities, even as State and Federal funds are diminishing. I am pleased to see our County and local city officials collaborating to get these road resurfacing projects completed.”  

“Our programs focus on being proactive in addressing the needs of the regional transportation system while partnering with cities and other funding partners to maximize the use of our resources,” said Director of the Department of Public Works, Michael Dever.  

Forty-seven municipalities are being awarded the funding across the two programs.