Independent Study Demonstrates Jail Regionalization Will Increase Efficiencies in Cuyahoga County

7/24/2014 For Immediate Release

July 24, 2014


Rich Luchette
Christopher Harris

CLEVELAND Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald today released a 3 part analysis of Cuyahoga County’s jail regionalization proposal. The study underscores benefits that would be generated through FitzGerald’s proposal to consolidate the management of correctional facilities in Cuyahoga County.

"From day one, this administration has focused on finding new ways to deliver quality government services as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said FitzGerald. “This study demonstrates the potential benefits that jail consolidation will generate for taxpayers and local governments in Cuyahoga County.”

Under FitzGerald’s direction, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department and the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Safety and Justice Services worked with Public Financial Management, the nation’s largest independent financial advisor to state and local governments, in order to prepare a detailed analysis of the County’s jail landscape.

The Cuyahoga County Regional Jail Assessment, which is attached to this email as a summary and full report, identifies several areas where jail regionalization could benefit Cuyahoga County communities, including:

  • Consistent approach to jail operation.
  • More efficient use of available bed space.
  • Increased staffing availability for core police department activities, without increased costs.
  • Savings from improved efficiency of scale in food and medical services.
  • Given high fixed costs and low inmate populations, full service jails are expected to save the most.

“In addition to the cost-saving benefits, jail regionalization will allow Cuyahoga County operations to maintain high service levels,” added Norberto Colon, who serves as FitzGerald’s deputy chief of staff. “We believe streamlining this process will enhance public safety for our first responders and the community as a whole.”

Cuyahoga County assumed responsibility for the City of Euclid’s jail operations in April of this year. The County is also expected to announce the same for the City of Cleveland later this year – an effort that should save Cleveland taxpayers as much as $5 million annually.