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Public Policy Fellowship Program


The Public Policy Fellowship Program was established by the Cuyahoga County Executive in 2011 to cultivate the next generation of public sector leaders in Northeast Ohio. Through the Program, which operates during the summer, entrepreneurial and highly motivated undergraduate and graduate level students gain a broad overview of county government through practical experience in a variety of policy areas. Fellows are provided with opportunities to:
  • Make personal and professional connections with the County Executive and senior staff; County Council members and senior legislative staff; other Fellows; and outside agencies partnering with the County on various program initiatives
  • Participate in site visits to various county facilities
  • Develop new ideas for projects and policies
  • Draft policy proposals to address emerging issues
  • Learn and test new skills
  • Attend press conferences, County Council hearings, staff meetings, and strategic planning sessions
  • Plan and present a “Fellowship Seminar”

Program Goals

  • Provide a practical experience in Cuyahoga County government
  • Inspire effective and ethical public leadership for Northeast Ohio
  • Invigorate County projects by injecting fresh eyes and new perspectives

Program Features

  • Public Policy Fellows are paid a stipend for their participation in the program.
  • Fellows are assigned an agency site supervisor based upon their placement and work assignment. Additional assistance, feedback and monitoring will be provided by the Public Policy Fellowship Program Coordinator, who is a staff member designated by the Executive.
  • Each participant is provided a workspace with information technology and access to other materials and resources, as appropriate.
  • Evaluations are conducted at the end of the program.
  • Fellows author a final report of their general experience and the specifics of their project. The report enriches the Fellow’s professional portfolio and provides direction for future county projects. Reports are presented during a Fellowship Seminar scheduled during the final week of the program.


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If you are interested in applying, please register.

For general inquiries, contact Rebecca Eby at reby@cuyahogacounty.us or (216) 443-7164.

Past Fellows