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Organizational Chart for the Office of the County Executive

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Office of the County Executive

  • Elected by the citizens of Cuyahoga County.
  • Chief Executive Officer of County Government.

Chief of Staff
(Matt Carroll)
  • Advisor to County Executive.
  • Serves as intermediary between staff and Executive.
  • Oversees staff.
  • Communicates Executive’s directives to staff.

Deputy Chiefs of Staff
  • Serve as liaisons between the County Executive and Department Directors.
  • Ensure that policy directives of the County Executive are carried out by Department Directors.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Economic Development (Nathan Kelly)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Health and Human Services (Rick Werner)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Justice Affairs (Norberto Colon)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (Sharon Cole)

Special Assistants
  • Assist the County Executive in various areas.
  • Duties are flexible. Have primary area(s) of focus, but assume other duties as needed.
  • Special Assistant James Boyle
    • Assists with appointments to boards and commissions for which the County Executive has appointing authority.
    • Handles other duties as assigned.
  • Special Assistant Melvin Davis
    • Interacts with County Council on behalf of the County Executive.
    • Assists with Veterans issues.
    • Handles other duties as assigned.
  • Special Assistant Ken Surratt
    • Assists with education initiatives, such as the college scholarship program.
    • Handles other duties as assigned.
  • Special Assistant Melinda Burt 
    • Assists in preparing agendas for Board of Control and other contract approving bodies.
    • Assists the Department of Regional Collaboration.
    • Handles other duties as assigned.

CountyStat Coordinator/Deputy Fiscal Officer (Jennifer Scofield)
  • Oversees: “CountyStat” program, which promotes improved performance; “County Health Alliance,” a coordinated effort between the county and communities to promote employee health; “Loaned Executive Program,” under which executives volunteer their time and expertise to county projects; and “NextGen Network,” which provides opportunities for young professionals to learn about and interact with county government.

Support Staff
  • Administrative Assistant (Tanya Hairston)
    • Assistant to County Executive; handles calls, correspondence, general office management.
  • Administrative Officer (Juanita Geter)
    • Handles reception duties, intake/distribution of correspondence, staff expense reimbursement request processing, etc.
  • Scheduler (Laura Roche)
    • Handles scheduling, logistics for Executive.