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Cuyahoga County moves toward Next Generation 911 Systems



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John O’Brien: (216) 698‐3396 or jfobrien@cuyahogacounty.us

Contract Award goes before County Council

CUYAHOGA COUNTY ‐ A resolution was introduced yesterday to the Cuyahoga County Council to make a contract award to Emergency CallWorks, Inc. for Next Generation 9‐1‐1 services. The award seeks to provide Next Generation 9‐1‐1 technology as well as create equipment backup and enhance disaster recovery for all Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs) in Cuyahoga County. The Next Generation 9‐1‐1 system will also provide enhanced reporting and mapping capabilities that will allow for better operational decision making and service. As expected, the resolution was referred to the Public Safety and Justice Services Committee.

Earlier this year, County Executive Ed FitzGerald unveiled the Cuyahoga County 9‐1‐1 Consolidation Plan. The plan supports the vision of the Western Reserve Plan, Principle 11: Protecting our county by leading a county‐wide public safety initiative. The first deliverable of the 9‐1‐1 Consolidation Plan is for the upgrade of 9‐1‐1 hardware throughout the county. Currently, 45 PSAPs support all 59 jurisdictions within the county. Cuyahoga County has the most PSAPs in the State of Ohio and one of the highest numbers of PSAPs in the nation. The average age of 9‐1‐1 equipment deployed is over 10 years old.

A robust emergency 9‐1‐1 communications system, capable of accepting all calls for emergency services, is critical to providing accurate and efficient emergency communication services to the residents of Cuyahoga County. Executive FitzGerald said, “Public safety has been our priority since Day 1. A focus on regional  effectiveness and long term adaptability to new technologies and efficiencies is the backbone of this initiative. We can be efficient, effective and adaptable while ensuring due diligence.”

The use of the Next Generation 9‐1‐1 technology throughout the county will make the transition easier for  those communities that engage in consolidation efforts. Cuyahoga County will also now be positioned to handle next generation forms of communication when available.