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Cuyahoga County Lakefront Public Access Plan

Armond Budish sitting down smiling

“To make a huge leap forward for our region, to separate ourselves from our competitors, we must build on our best asset. And that is our lake.

Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish

What is It?

The Cuyahoga County Lakefront Public Access Plan will:

  • provide a comprehensive, integrated and connected network of transportation systems;
  • provide better access to important Lake Erie assets;
  • and positively impact the lives of residents and create economic development opportunities for the greater region.

This will come in the form of:

  • connected paths,
  • trails,
  • and boardwalks along the lake with public access points interspersed from Bay Village to Euclid.

The goal is to enhance the quality of life for this entire 30-mile stretch along the Lake Erie shoreline through an increase in accessibility to our Great Lake.

Where is This Taking Place?

The entire length of the shoreline is being examined for opportunity points. Multiple points along the lakefront have been selected to be study points for the Lakefront Public Access Plan. The marked locations on the digital map below are places to look for opportunities, as they are representative of the various geological differences that exist along the lakefront (differences in erosion and wave patterns, etc.).

I Live on the Lake. What Does This Mean for Me?

Those living on the lakefront are important to consider during this project, which is why the Public Works Department will have an extensive public engagement period. Property owners will have multiple opportunities to engage and give feedback. Many property owners understand the value of maintaining the lakefront. No property is being taken nor will viewsheds be changed or impacted.

What Does This Mean for the Rest of the County?

This project isn’t just for those living by the lake—it’s for everyone living in the county. We’re also working to make sure the lakefront is accessible from the south by working to improve the County roads that terminate at or near the lake. Also envisioned is the possibility of relocating I-90 to create more access along the East Shoreway. This would involve shifting I-90 south away from the lake and creating more lakefront land that may be available to the public for recreation and development. The Public Works Department would help shape the vision of this project.

This project will also improve water quality, prevent erosion, provide slope protection, preserve natural resources and safeguard our abundance of marine and wildlife in Lake Erie. These improvements will increase real property valuation and income tax revenues from job creation.