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August 20, 2013

Dear Stakeholders:

Welcome to LakeStat! This is an initiative that will focus Cuyahoga County on core actions to move our Lake Erie and Cuyahoga River agenda. It will mirror CountyStat – a performance measurement strategy that drives the County’s good government practices and innovation. It will underscore the ongoing need for coordinated planning and integrated accountability. This website launches a unique information and performance tracking resource and is designed to highlight key objectives and metrics, both short- and long-term, which will be tracked through the LakeStat Dashboard. The metrics will focus on efforts around sustainability, economic development and infrastructure. Specific values around water quality, beach closures, green roof tops, agriculture, protected shoreline, pervious pavement, water technology, construction jobs, and shipped steel might be reflected on the Dashboard. You can help us decide the priorities.

This site also will provide links to other key resources that address the vitality of Lake Erie, its Central Basin which is right in front of us, and what we can do to engage other lakefront communities. LakeStat reflects the planning coordination and decisions we are making together to improve results for Lake Erie - our Great Lake. Visit this site often to keep up-to-date on all the great work that is taking place. Send your questions and ideas to We hope you get involved.

Edward FitzGerald
Cuyahoga County Executive