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Fiscal Officer

Cuyahoga County Charter - Article V - Appointed Officers

§ 5.02 Fiscal Officer: Powers, Duties and Qualifications

  1. Powers and Duties. The Fiscal Officer shall exercise all powers and perform all duties now or hereafter vested in or imposed by general law upon county auditors and county recorders and the powers and duties of clerks of the court of common pleas other than those powers and duties related to serving the operation of the courts, and such other powers and duties not inconsistent therewith as provided herein or by ordinance. The Fiscal Officer shall prepare and maintain the tax maps for the County.
  2. Boards, Commissions and Committees. The Fiscal Officer, or his or her designee, shall serve in the place of the county auditor or the county recorder on every board, commission, committee, or any other body upon which a county auditor or county recorder is required or authorized to serve by general law.
  3. Qualifications. The Fiscal Officer shall be a certified public accountant and shall have had at least five years’ experience in the management of financial matters of political subdivisions.
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