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Fiscal Health of Cuyahoga County Strong


The 2018 Midyear Update from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office shows the county is on excellent financial footing

CLEVELAND - The Cuyahoga County Fiscal office recently released its Midyear Update to County Council. The report shows that the General Operating Fund, the main operating fund in the County budget, is projected to end the year $15 million under budget, thanks to lower operating expenses resulting from good fiscal management. An operating surplus between revenue and expenditures of about one million dollars is projected.

The tables below provide an overview for the General Operating Fund as well as a breakdown of General Operating Fund Revenue sources:

General Operating Fund  2017 Actual 2018 Budget 2018 Estimate 2019 Estimate
Beginning Cash Balance $151,010,097 $136,869,099 $136,869,099 $137,915,677
Operating Revenue $360,642,024 $382,154,640 $382,462,877 $379,536,614
Operating Expenditures $348,532,791 $383,954,386 $369,599,486 $379,580,758
Subsidies to Other Funds $26,250,231 $12,460,443 $11,816,813 $14,355,865
Unadjusted Ending Cash $136,869,099 $122,608,910 $137,915,677 $123,515,668
% Balance to Expenditures 36.5% 30.9% 36.2% 31.4%

pie chart of different colors showing the general operating fund revenue

The All Funds budget of $1.5 billion, which includes the General Fund, the Health and Human Services Funds, and Special Revenue Funds, is projected to end the year with expenditures $132 million under budget, again reflecting careful fiscal management.

“I am very pleased with our performance. Strong fiscal stewardship is very important to me and to our taxpayers,” said Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. “The County delivers many critical services to our residents and to our municipalities. Maintaining financial strength means that we can continue to deliver and improve these services. I am particularly pleased with the decrease in our expenses – it shows that we are working to be more efficient in our service delivery.”

To access the full report go to https://fiscalofficer.cuyahogacounty.us/pdf_fiscalofficer/en-US/obm/2018/2018-2ndQuarter.pdf