All Cuyahoga County Executive departments and agencies, with the exception of some public safety and emergency offices, will be closed Friday, December 26, 2014. Please use our contact list to check if the agency/department you are trying to reach is open on December 26.

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Executive Orders

Executive Order No. EO2014-0003 - Implementation of the Closure of Lewis Road (Adjacent to Culvert #13 in Olmsted Township)

Executive Order No. EO2014-0002- Implementation of the Posting of Abbey Road Bridge (BR-02.35 in North Royalton)

Executive Order No. EO2014-0001 - Implementation of Posting of Jefferson Road Bridge (BR 00.57 in Cleveland)

Executive Order No. EO2013-0004 - December 20, 2013
Implementation of CLOSURE of Columbus Road Bridge (BR-01.09 in Bedford)

Executive Order No. EO2013-0003
 - December 20, 2013
Implementation of Posting of West 130th Street Bridge (C-11.15 in Cleveland)

Executive Order No. EO2013-0002
- May 28, 2013
Enforcement of Prohibition on Use of  County Resources for Political Activity and Instructions for County employees running for office.

Executive Order No. EO2013-0001 - January 22, 2013
Designation of Director of Public Works to sign all documents and in all ways act as the Authorized Agent for the Public Assistance Grant Program for FEMA-DR-4098-OH

Executive Order No. E02012-0004
 - October 25, 2012
Implementation of CLOSURE of East 49th Street Bridge 00.54 (Cleveland)

Executive Order No. E02012-0003
 - September 27, 2012
Appointment of Judge Timothy J. McGinty as  Acting Prosecutor

Executive Order No. EO2012-0002
- July 19, 2012
Implementation of Postings of Structures on Bluestone Road (C-0058 in Cleveland Heights/South Euclid), Boston Road (C-0774 in Broadview Heights/Medina County), Bradley Road (C-0544 in Westlake), Fitch Road (C-0223 in North Olmsted, Pleasant Valley Road (Bridge 0968 in Independence/Valley View), and Lindberg Road (C-0093 in Olmsted Falls).

Executive Order No. O2012-0001
- March 9, 2012
Sale, Donation, Discarding, or Salvaging of Furniture, Motor Vehicles, Construction Materials, and Other Personal Property

Executive Order No. 02011-0007
- December 28, 2011
Authorizing Department of Public Works to Employ labor and Materials by Force Account in accordance with Revised Code section 5543.19

Executive Order No. 02011-0006 - December 21, 2011
Implementation of Postings of Structures on Akins Road (C-0112 in North Royalton), Bradley Road (C-0067 in North Olmsted), Eastland Road (C-0053 in Middleburg Heights), and Warner Road (C-0020 in Valley View)

Executive Order No. 02011-0005 - December 8, 2011
Approval Authority to Apply for Grants on behalf of County and to Release Requests for Competitive Bids, Proposals, and Qualifications

Executive Order No. 0211-0004 - November 21, 2011
Grievance & Post-Award Review Process for the Cuyahoga County Small Business Enterprise Program

Executive Order No. 0211-0003 - October 11, 2011
Posting of all Job Positions

Executive Order No. 0211-0002
- September 20, 2011
Signature Authority

Executive Order No. 0211-001
 - September 8, 2011
Using the National Incident Management System for Preparing and Responding to Disaster Incidents