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What is Cuyahoga CountyStat?

Cuyahoga CountyStat is a well-organized, data-driven accountability system that is used as a decision-making and communications strategy. The county measures performance in order to start a conversation about why. Asking difficult questions helps us achieve our purpose: to gather and report on accurate and timely data; guide the allocation of resources; develop effective goals and objectives; allow for the continual monitoring of progress on measures; and demonstrate accountability and transparency. Through this strategy, the organization is methodically examining every function and using benchmarks and recognized best practices to become more flexible and more effective. Modeled after CitiStat, originally implemented in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, CountyStat expands the strategy to a broader stroke of government services, including 19 agencies or departments plus the County Board of Health, County Planning Commission and Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Board. The strategy is now being applied to Justice System Reform as well. County Executive FitzGerald implemented CitiStat as Mayor of Lakewood.

Mandatory presentation meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The County Executive, Chief of Staff and other senior staff participate, particularly those from Human Resources, Fiscal Office and Information Technology. Each presentation is designed by AgencyStat teams. AgencyStat is the practical application of CountyStat within each agency. These teams drive the work between presentations and provide the relentless follow-up that is required. Team members gather data on universal (productivity) and critical (agency-specific) measures.

CountyStat Dashboard

This Dashboard serves to illustrate improvement being made on key Cuyahoga County government performance measures and the broad Principles of the Executive’s Western Reserve Plan. Through this strategy, the organization is methodically examining every function, using benchmarks and best or promising practices to become more flexible, efficient, effective and accountable.

This Dashboard site provides information on both universal or operational measures as well as those specific to some of the participating agencies that reflect their core services. The site will develop over time, adding measures or features as CountyStat evolves.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Scofield, CountyStat Coordinator, at 216-698-3022 or at

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On Target Status Legend

  On Target 
  Some issues; still proceeding 
Critical; won't make target 

Measurement Indicator Legend

No Change


Source Material 

Measurement Indicator 

Information Technology: Print Management (Number of Printers Removed)


Public Works: Paper Consumption 


Human Resources: Vitality Wellness Participation Rate 


Fiscal Office: Real Estate Tax Delinquency Rate


Public Safety & Justice Services

Source Material 

Measurement Indicator 

Sheriff's Office: Reduce Outstanding Felony Warrants


Sheriff's Office: Community Policing Impact Units


Medical Examiner's Office: Toxicology Testing


Medical Examiner's Office: Case Completion



Source Material 

Measurement Indicator 

Economic Development: Number of Jobs Created and Retained


Health & Human Services

Source Material 

Measurement Indicator 

Job and Family Services: Benefits


Senior and Adult Services: Percent of Clients Who Receive a Depression Screening


Jennifer Scofield "Asking Why - Cuyahoga County Stat" Government Finance Review, December 2011

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Scofield