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Conversations with the County

Conversations with the County is an online video series that brings you information about issues our residents face every day. In this series, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish brings guests onto the show that provide helpful information and gives viewers a glimpse into future county projects.

Episode 5: SBA County Municipal Grant Program

County Executive Armond Budish visits the Van Aken Market Hall in Shaker Heights to speak with small business owners that have benefited from the Small Business Administration (SBA)-County-Municipal Grant Program. The County has partnered with the SBA to provide grants to small businesses to start or grow in six cities: Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Fairview Park, Maple Heights, Cleveland Heights and Lakewood. Tune in to learn how this grant program has helped local business owners thrive in their communities.
Episode 4: Climate Change Action Plan

Director of Sustainability, Mike Foley, announces the Climate Change Action Plan. This is a collaboration with different county departments and NE Ohio organizations that are working together to fight climate change. The plan involves different initiatives such as planting more trees, increasing public transit usage, expanding bike trails, and other projects what will keep Cuyahoga County a beautiful place to live, work and play.
Episode 3: Food Insecurity

Kevin Gowan, Director of Jobs and Family Services, and Kristin Warzocha, CEO of the Greater Cleveland Foodbank, sit down with Armond to talk about food insecurity in Cuyahoga County and what we’re doing to fight it. Watch this episode to see how to get help if you or someone you know is facing food insecurity.
Episode 2: County Jail Updates

County Executive Armond Budish and Chief of Public Safety and Justice Brandy Carney give updates on the County jail. In this episode Carney fills us in on what changes have been made at the jail after a Marshalls report and what changes we can expect moving forward.
Episode 1: Transportation and Elder Abuse Awareness

In this episode, County Executive Armond Budish first sits down with Grace Gallucci, Executive Director of NOACA to discuss the future of transportation in Cuyahoga County. Next, Marlene Robinson-Statler of Senior and Adult Services joins Armond to discuss the changes to mandated reporters of elder abuse and to raise awareness of the signs of abuse.