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Clean Energy Financing Hub

Climate Change is a local, national and global concern. Traditional regional electricity generation is both dirty and likely to become much more expensive. Established in April, 2015, the HUB is our County’s main effort to help generate meaningful additions to creating a new clean energy economy.

How it Works

The HUB helps bring private financing at competitive rates to building owners (small businesses, large commercial/industrial, local government, non-profit, and faith-based institutions) in Cuyahoga County for energy efficiency upgrades and solar projects. The goal is to finance project costs so that the amount of energy you are saving or producing is greater than the costs you are spending on your upgrade.
  • The HUB can help identify energy saving projects through energy audits
  • The HUB will help outline financing options
  • The HUB will find lenders
  • The HUB will help measure savings

The HUB will not tell you who to hire to do the work, but contractors must pay prevailing wage and help us measure the amount of overall payroll going into projects. If you don’t have a contractor, we will have a pre-qualified list for you to choose from, and the County strongly supports local economic development by utilizing county-based businesses and contractors that hire county residents.

How to determine projects

An energy auditor can assess your building and come up with a list of upgrades. You may be eligible for a free energy assessment if you have buildings under 25,000 Sq. Ft. For larger buildings we can help finance the costs of audits and assessments through the ultimate financing agreements.

How to Access HUB financing and services

Contact Shanelle Smith at 216-443-3785 or to register your project and for additional information.

After registering, you will receive an email or phone call back within 48 hours, either asking some clarifying questions or delivering 2-3 financing options.

In order to use the Hub services, a two (2) percent project fee will be added to the overall costs of each registered project. These fees are kept to a minimum to insure funding success and are generally wrapped in to the financing package.

The Cuyahoga County Clean Energy Financing HUB does not provide legal or tax advice. The Property Owner will seek its own legal and tax advice before selecting a preferred means of financing a project. The Contractor will hold the HUB harmless for any decision made by a [Property Owner] which results in the loss of a sale of the project, absent fraud, willful misrepresentation or illegal acts by the HUB.