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Charter Review Commission Submitted Four Recommendations for Amendments to the Cuyahoga County Charter

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Jeane’ Holley, (216) 698-2544; jholley@cuyahogacounty.us

CUYAHOGA COUNTYIn June 2017, County Executive Armond Budish appointed, as mandated, a nine-member Cuyahoga County Charter Review Commission. The members of the Commission are:

  • The Honorable Ronald B. Adrine, Judge (retired)
  • Diane Downing, Senior Vice President, Director of Corporate Affairs, The Huntington National Bank
  • The Honorable Susan A. Drucker, Mayor (retired), City of Solon
  • Dennis Kennedy, Fiscal Officer, Fiscal Office, Cuyahoga County
  • Michael W. King, Special Counsel, Cuyahoga County Council
  • The Honorable Thomas P. Perciak, Mayor, City of Strongsville
  • Claire Rosacco, Vice President, Government Relations & Community Outreach, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Victor A. Ruiz, Executive Director, Esperanza, Inc.
  • Davida Russell, State President, CLUW; President, OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4 Ohio Northeast District

On July 1st, the Charter Review Commission submitted its final report, recommending to the members of County Council the amendment of four sections of the County’s Charter.

The Charter Review Commission is required to review all sections of the Charter and to propose any amendments to its provisions in order to facilitate a more effective and efficient government and/or the enhanced delivery of county services.

Beginning in October 2017, the Charter Review Commission solicited written proposals for change from both the public and key county stakeholders. The following issues/topics were raised by those who responded to the Commission’s solicitation:

The Amendment of the Charter to Specifically Reference and Include the Office of Inspector General

  • The Institution of a Nonpartisan Primary and General Political Election Process
  • Clarification of the Roles of the Personnel Review Commission vis-à-vis those of the Department of Human Resources
  • The Establishment of Open Political Primary elections
  • Establishment of the Sheriff’s Office as an Elected Rather than an as an Appointed Position in County Government
  • Provision of a funding stream to provide trauma-informed care for Children of Those Incarcerated by the County
  • Amendment of Charter sections dealing with Executive and Council Succession, Following a Vacancy in Office
  • Addition of Language to the Charter, Addressing Campaign Finance Issues
  • Technical Adjustments to the County’s Internal Audit Policies and Procedures

Upon review of the matters submitted, the Charter Review Commission is recommending to County Council that four amendments to the Charter be presented to the voters for their consideration during this November’s election. The recommended amendments are as follows:

  • Reconciling the Roles of the Personnel Review Commission and the Department of Human Resources
  • Adding Language to the Charter that Provides County Council Specific Authority to Address Campaign Finance Issues
  • Specifically Referencing and Including the Office of Inspector General in the County Charter
  • Technical Adjustments to the County’s Internal Audit Policies and Procedures

To review the Charter Review Commission’s final report, visit http://bc.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/charter-review-commission.aspx.