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Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity: A Status Report to the Community

CACE intends to release regular status reports out to the community, to continue to interact with local stakeholders throughout Cuyahoga County to gain insight into lived experience, and to help formulate meaningful solutions to long-standing issues of structural racism.

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What is this report?

This report represents a preliminary update on the progress and activity of the Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity (CACE) since August 2020. It contains findings, recommendations and aspirations in efforts to combat structural racism in Cuyahoga County.

Key Highlights

The work of the Citizens Advisory Council on Equity is structured into four categories/subcommittees (criminal justice, health and healthcare, economic opportunity, equitable quality of life). The report addresses recommendations in each of these areas.

Common findings across all subcommittees:

  • County leadership is invested in better understanding and solving for racial equity.
  • County needs to establish a common training system for racial equity, including implicit bias.
  • County needs to better track the impact of its programs and needs to develop metrics/goals around those programs and services.

Subcommittee Findings