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County Boards and Commissions Positions Available for Appointment


Media contact: Devyn Giannetti: (216) 443-8393; dgiannetti@cuyahogacounty.us

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH — A major goal of Cuyahoga County is to ensure all voices are valued, respected and heard. This goal is accomplished in part by citizens participating in and volunteering to serve on Advisory Boards and Commissions. The Cuyahoga County Department of Regional Collaboration is encouraging residents and community members to apply for Boards and Commissions positions available through Cuyahoga County.

Boards and Commissions are designed to give residents a voice in their government and provide a means of influencing decisions that shape the quality of life for those living in Cuyahoga County. The list of boards includes the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), MetroHealth, Cuyahoga County libraries, Port Authority, ADAMHS, Cuyahoga County Workforce Development Board and many others.

The County Executive has appointing authority subject to confirmation by County Council for many boards and commissions. The Department of Regional Collaboration works alongside the County Executive to review highly qualified people from all backgrounds, neighborhoods and communities and to seek out and encourage applying for those people who have been traditionally under-represented in the public policy decision-making process. Along with the County Council, this process assists in ensuring the County has quality representation to lead its commissions forward.

“To be on a Cuyahoga County board or commission is to be a voice in the community,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “I truly value having representatives from a wide range of demographics and experiences who can provide various perspectives to issues and topics that affect people like them.”

The newly-updated Boards and Commissions website has a general application that can be completed to note interests and qualifications for specific boards. This new website and portal were created with support from Cuyahoga County Council Fellow, Curt Williams. Through the generous funding of the Cleveland Foundation, Williams worked with the Director of Regional Collaboration to support the goal of increasing access to the appointment process. For more information on board openings please visit the External Boards Page.

If there is a vacancy for the board or commission you are interested in, Michele Pomerantz, Director of Regional Collaboration, will review and consider the application based on the information provided. You can only apply to vacant positions that are appointed by the County Executive or County Council President and that are listed on the new website. Many boards and commissions have necessary qualifications for appointment.

To apply for a board or commission visit the Boards and Commissions Form Page.