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2020 Census

Complete Count Committee

Response collection for the 2020 Census concluded on October 16, 2020. On behalf of the Cuyahoga County Complete Count Committee and Co-Chairs Executive Armond Budish and Jerry Sue Thornton, we thank you for completing your census and for your continuous efforts to get Cuyahoga County residents counted.

2020 Census Response Rate in Cuyahoga County

At the time of 2020 Census conclusion, Cuyahoga County had a self-response rate of 67.6%. This is an increase from the County’s 2010 self-response rate of 65.3%.

For more extensive Cuyahoga County census data, please visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s Cuyahoga County Data Page.

The Complete Count Committee Co-Chairs and Subcommittee Chairs would like to extend a special thank you to the below for their hard work and dedication to helping residents get counted:

Kacie Armstrong
Rebecca Baas
Lisa Barno
Doug Bennet
Elyse Bierut
Hayley Brown
Councilwoman Shontel Brown
Ted Carter
Mary Coleman
Freddy Collier
Mike Cook
Elizabeth Cusma
Mittie Davis Jones
Devonta Dickey
Anthony Fluellen
Ida Ford
Joe Frolic
Congresswoman Marcia Fudge
Juan Galeano
Devyn Giannetti
Madison Greenspan
Timothy Greenwood
Betty Haliburton
Jaimie Hasen
Tracy Hill
Jeane' Holley
Michelle Hollo
Michael Houser
Daphne James
Ann Kilroy
Karlton Laster
Kevin Leeson
Jennifer Lumpkin
Ray Martin
Nada Martinovic Trejgu
Mayors and Managers
Katie Meehan
Dave Nader
Mindy Naticchioni
Brian Page
Sara Parks Jackson
Alex Pellom
Ricardo Pena
Jane Pierce
Claire Rosacco
Billy Sharp
Kathie Sizemore
Representative Bride Rose Sweeney
Qianna Tidmore
Felton Thomas
Mike Tobin
Darryle Torbert
Curt Williams
Lisa Wong
Senator Kenny Yuko
Beth Zietlow-DeJesus