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Welcome Letter from Executive-elect FitzGerald


Cuyahoga County Citizens,

It’s time to build one Cuyahoga County, united towards building a trustworthy county government that strengthens our economy and delivers excellent services with unparalleled efficiency.

All of the ideas and detailed work product representing the countless hours of volunteers and committed staff represent the vision for what our county could be. I’ve already established a transition advisory committee to steer us towards restoring integrity in a county government that emphasizes job creation and excellent human services. The potential for Cuyahoga County is limitless.

We can’t achieve that potential without a transparent and inclusive transition process. We want you involved. To the right are three simple ways to engage:
  • Get Involved: to keep up-to-date with news from the transition process and opportunities to volunteer.
  • Employment: anyone interested for consideration can submit their information to the transition team, and eventually every post will be listed online.
  • Report a Concern: let’s hear directly from you. Use the Report a Concern button to share any matter than needs to be addressed by the new county government.

Please take a moment to connect with your county government. Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter. Opportunities to volunteer and otherwise lend your expertise will always be available here, in the most open and transparent medium possible.

I hope you’ll join us in our efforts to build a greater Cuyahoga County.

Ed FitzGerald